Welcome to Patenticus L2Pro the leading business and education app that offers the service user a fun way to learn and understand more about intellectual property rights and what it means for you and your business. This free download app  is in no way intended to act as legal advice but instead introduce the user to the subject area of intellectual property rights in a fun and informative way.

For the aspiring business leaders of tomorrow understanding intellectual property rights and what it means for you and your business is essential. Recognising the complex world of intellectual property rights, this app offers the service user a fun and easy to use free download app that will enable you to be a head of the competition.

So whether you are a final year student studying maths, engineering or law or looking to start your own business, this app will increase your knowledge on itellectual property rights.

Great features

The app has a lot to offer!


Quickly find answers to specific questions about the topic "intellectual property rights"

Learning by playing

Learn how to handle intellectual property rights correctly by playing the game


Collect rewards for correct answers in the game part of the app


Become a professional in dealing with intellectual property rights


The following screenshots should give you a first impression of the app


In this section you will find help for installing and using the app as well as answers to important questions

1. Where can I download the app?

If you're using an Apple device, you can find Patenticus in the Apple Appstore. If you have an Android-based device, you'll find Patenticus in the Google Playstore.

2. How can I download the app?

Open your Appstore/Playstore and search for "Patenticus". Once the app is found, click on "Download" and authenticate yourself as a user. The app will then be installed automatically

3. Do I have to register to use the app?

No, you do not need to register to use it

4. How much disk space does Patenticus need?

For the installation of the app on a device approx. 60MB memory are required

1. Who created Patenticus?

The app Patenticus was developed as part of the project "L2Pro - learn to protect your Intellectual Property" through a cooperation between the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) and Qualcomm Wireless Reach

2. What is the purpose of Patenticus?

Patenticus is intended to enable companies, founders and all other interested parties to build up knowledge about intellectual property independent of time and place and thus on the one hand to increase competitiveness and on the other hand to avoid the biggest pitfalls

3. Where does the knowledge come from and how reliable is the information?

The information contained originates from the Fraunhofer IAO's extensive experience in the field of intellectual property rights as well as from previous international projects. Even though we always try to keep the contents up to date, the app cannot replace a patent attorney!

4. Do I have to use both parts of the app?

No, depending on your individual goals, you can either build up long-term knowledge in the "Edutainment" area or find quick answers to specific questions in the "FAQ" area of the app.

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